Debian on Tuxedo Pulse 14

I recently ordered a few Tuxedo Pulse 14 Laptops for my lab. They come with a customized Ubuntu installation, alas we are Debian people.

Here is what needs to be done to get everything working:

Install debian bullseye.

enable non-free repository in /etc/apt/sources.lst
apt install firmware-realtek firmware-iwlwifi firmware-amd-graphics

This should get wifi and the touchpad working correctly and also fix screen dimming. All is peachy, however we still suffer a kernel bug which (sometimes) results in black screen after resuming from standby.

To fix this we need a newer kernel:

apt install dwarves build-essential libncurses-dev bison flex libssl-dev libelf-dev bc

cd /usr/src; sudo mkdir 5.11;sudo chmod 777 5.11; cd 5.11


xz -d -v linux-5.11.9.tar.xz
gpg –verify linux-5.11.9.tar.sign
tar xf linux-5.11.9.tar
cd linux-5.11.9/

cp -v /boot/config-5.10.0-5-amd64 .config
make menuconfig

## Go to Cryptographic API —> Certificates for signature checking —> and leave ‚File name or PKCS#11 URI of module signing key‘ and ‚Additional X.509 keys for default system keyring‘ blank if not already blank

make -j 12 (takes about 30min)
sudo make modules_install

sudo su –
cd /lib/modules/5.11.9/
find . -name *.ko -exec strip –strip-unneeded {} +

sudo make install
sudo reboot

# taken from

e voila ! Now resume works reliably.

However, due to the new kernel we lost the function keys. Needs some investigation.